One Tree Thrill – Random Thoughts

So I have just finished watching the new episodes of One Tree Hill and I have to say….

The little guy who plays Nathan and Haley’s son is just the CUTEST little thing on the planet EVER! I usually do not wax lyrical about kids on TV because I am still not convinced it is such a great idea but man, is this kid a cutie-patootie.

Even if this season sucks, I’m still gonna be watching it for him.

Jackson Brundage

Other than that it’s business as usual. Nathan is feeling sorry for himself, Haley is playing the long-suffering wife, rather than the long-suffering girlfriend. Brooke has everything and is still unhappy. Mouth is being picked on by his boss rather than his peers, Lucas is pining for Peyton and Peyton is pining for Lucas.

Welcome back One Tree Hill. I missed you.

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