Waku waku suru

Waku waku suru (I’m excited.)

Thanks to some blogsurfing, I finally ended up over at 10 Digits, where I found a little pointer to a site called Ravelry. It’s a new site for knitters etc and it looks friggin’ fantastic. Just what I needed.

A place to share ideas, pick some really experienced knitters brains, garner inspiration and best of all, catalog my ‘stash’ of yarn, my needles etc. It’s a big online database with so much more.

As it’s in beta just now there is an invite system so the site doesn’t get too overloaded. I have over 6000 people in front of me. I signed up last night and there are now around 700 behind me in the list. In 24 hrs. Amazing.

I can’t wait to get my invite. I’m already photographing all my stash.

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