So one of my favourite yarns stores here in Edinburgh is closing. I was gutted when I found out because really that only leaves ONE proper yarn shop in the whole of Edinburgh (that I know of) that has a decent range.

It’s closing for personal reasons not because there is no business to support it. I suppose that makes it a little easier to bear, but still. (Idle thought – Dream Job, my own yarn store……Hmm.)

Silver lining time. They are having a closing down sale. Oh yes, you saw it. Yarn and sale in the same sentence.

I went up there today and went wild. I got myself some Rowan scottish tweed in a deep purple that I have had my eye on for a while, at £2.50 a ball I just couldn’t help myself. And I went a little bit mental in the Noro corner. I bought a shedload of Noro Iro at the reduced price of…..£5.50. Oh yes, nearly half price.

£45 later I emerged from the shop drunk on Noro and all the ideas swirling in my head on what I am going to make. I feel like Homer in the Simpsons when he drools over food. Noooorrrrrooooooo………

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