FO: Loop Scarf

So I finished the scarf I was making to distract myself from the Eternal Cardigan. My sister has been on my case about it so although I want to, I am NOT going to start on something with my fantastic Noro yarn that I bought the other day.

I’m thinking a hat, scarf and gloves set for me, this time. But I think I’d like to crochet the hat. Anybody point me in the direction of a nice hat pattern? I should just wait until I get into Ravelry. Only 2900 people to go in front of me. *sigh*




It did turn into a bit of a sausage which annoyed me, but it worked out quite well as you couldn’t see the wrong side then. My sister also said it made the scarf much cosier so a win all round.

If anyone wants the pattern, give me a holler in the comments. It’s really quite easy.

Finished Object: Loop Scarf

Yarn: Wendy Fusion in Juniper Berries (158)

Needles: 5.5mm

  1. Hi! I think your scarf looks great and not at all like a sausage. I’d love the pattern for this stitch if you don’t mind sharing! Thanks!

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