So I rushed to the bookshop this morning and got my copy of ‘White Night’ starring everyone’s favourite Chicago wizard Harry Dresden by Jim Butcher. I am so excited, I want to just read it all NOW! But I have a dilemma because I am only halfway through ‘Dead Men’s Boots’, starring everyone’s favourite London exorcist Felix Castor by Mike Carey.

I haven’t quite figured out where they are on the pecking list yet. I’ve never had imaginary literary boyfriends before. (Better not let the real one find out I’m cheating, huh?) For my many TV boyfriends it’s easy, I got that list sorted ages ago although it does change from time to time. It goes something like this:

1. Jensen Ackles

Dark Angel did it for me. Many watched for the Alba. I watched for the double bill of Ackles and Weatherly.

2. Wentworth Miller

Do I need a reason?

3. Jason Lee

Loved him from his early Kevin Smith flicks and he manages to make redneck sexy in ‘My Name Is Earl.’

As for movie boyfriends well that’s even easier. I’m nothing if not loyal.

1. Joaquin Phoenix

Loved him from his ‘Inventing The Abbots’ days. Funnily, also where my dislike of Liv Tyler started.

2. Viggo Mortensen

Viggo stole me heart when he played Satan in ‘The Prophecy.’ I never really liked the facial hair a la LOTR.

So at the moment, I think maybe Harry Dresden will inch slightly in front of Felix Castor, simply because he’s funnier. By a hair. A smidgeon.

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