New Addition

May I present to you the newest additions to my household.


Meet Pepper (green & yellow) and Chilli (grey & white.)

My sister wanted a budgie as part of her ongoing ‘reminisce about my childhood now I’m thirty’ kick. They go with the Care Bear and the Atari that were purchased from ebay. Seriously, is there anything you CAN’T buy on ebay?

We had a budgie when we were small. A mental package he was. Complete nut-job of a bird that we loved fiercely and have never really gotten over. Bluey. I know, original.

Anyways, Kimberely went to buy ONE budgie and came home with TWO. A cock and a hen. Her excuse? The lady at the pet store wouldn’t separate them as they had been together since day one.

They are about 9 months old and still a little wary of their new surroundings. Pepper seems to be settling a little better than Chilli, but my sis is worried because Chilli was really outgoing in the pet shop and all she seems to be do is sit next to Pepper almost hiding. Pepper is exploring and chirping away.

We will see how they get on in the next couple of days.

They are cute though, huh?

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