Soppy Cow

So I came home this afternoon, ready to tell everyone about the absolute fortune I have just spent (and saved) shopping at HK Handknts, the yarn store that is closing. However, something has just happened to knock all of that out of my mind.

I got a card through the post today, from Sandra (who is one of my a-ha buddies, although we have never met in the flesh.) I love getting letters in the post which makes me a huge hypocrite as I never send them myself.

Anyway I had a big smile, thinking ‘Oh a letter from Sandra, how sweet!’  Then I opened it to see that it wasn’t just from Sandra but from Sue (Canada), Catherine (US), Kelly (US), Caterina (Italy), Marieke (Netherlands) and finally Sandra (Germany).

I had a bit of a ‘Jonah’ year last year. This little card has made it’s way around the globe collecting happy thoughts and comments from all these amazing women for me. That they took time out of their busy, hectic stressful lives balancing family, work and all manner of things to send me good vibes makes me feel incredibly grateful and humble that I know such splendid people. And that I can count them as friends even though I’m not worth it! Because they all had their fair share of hassles last year as well.

So as I sit here typing and smiling and crying, I just wanted to say to these amazing women, thank you! Your card has done more for me today than a week of a-ha concerts (!) could do and I can’t wait to see each of you in May so I can give each of you a big hug (and probably burst into tears as well..) .

I hope everyone out there has at least one friend in the world as amazing as these six women.

    • Qouda
    • February 12th, 2008

    You know you’re worth it…. don’t get any salt water on the yarn….

    • Sayuri_x
    • February 12th, 2008


    I’m going to do a big gushy public post about you next. Memories of Berlin! Hah!

    Luckily the yarn was still in the bags.

    • Qouda
    • February 12th, 2008

    Eep *runs.for.cover*

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