Lara Croft is a Wuss

I’m sitting here procrastinating cause I need to pluck the eybrows. Yep, it’s that bad! Here is a book review. Sort of.

So starting with Jim Butcher, I have slowly been wooed by the sub-genre of Urban Fantasy. I’m now completely, head over heels in love. Jim pulled me in, got me interested, flirted even. Mike Carey, he got me all hot & bothered, reached second base. But it took a woman, Jennifer Rardin, to seal the deal. Heh.

All jokes aside though, I bought her first book, ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy‘ after reading glowing reviews all over the blogosphere. It turns out readers are better judges of books than critics. Who’d of thunk, huh? That’s not to say that Jennifer’s series of ‘Jaz Parks’ books haven’t had critical praise because they have, it’s just I never thought of reading actual reader’s reviews before! Stupid me.

Back to the books.

Jennifer Rardin’s books revolve around a smart, sassy, paranoid, crazy and dangerous to know in a ‘Lethal Weapon’ kind of way, female character Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Parks. She works for the CIA with her boss Vayl, who is a vampire. (played in this reader’s imagination by Gerard Bulter…gulp.) Vayl is a good guy who is dispatched around the world to assassinate all manner of bad guys. And more than that I’m not gonna tell you because I want you to read them. Plus you can read the blurb on every website.

With a blend of action, angst, humour and a wee smidgeon of romance (to keep the guys happy) and a spattering of gore (to keep the girls happy) Jennifer Rardin has hit the jackpot. Her characters are complex and colourful while still remaining ‘real’ enough in the context of her universe. There is real character growth over the three books with relationships changing and evolving around the five main players and also the major ‘minor’ characters. Mysterious backstories are interwoven deftly and plots are played out to a gratifying conclusion.

In a nutshell…. Jaz Parks can kick Lara Croft’s ass!

once bitten, twice shyanother one bites the dustbiting the bullet

Just do yourself a favour and read them. You will not be sorry. And if you don’t like them, then only sensible reason is that you are a freak, with no heart or sense of humour.

PS. Pop over to Jennifer Rardin’s website and speak to the lady herself. She is one funny dame.

    • Qouda
    • February 14th, 2008

    Ever read Kim Harrison’s books about Rachel Morgan?

    • Sayuri_x
    • February 14th, 2008

    No, they are on the list to buy after I have made a dent in the to be read pile.

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