Interview with a ….reader.

I have another interview tomorrow with a well known book-chain. Heh. Anything to feed my addictions.

I am LOVING ‘Working for the Devil’ by Lilith Saintcrow. But after finishing the first book it has put me in a real melancholy mood. I have bought the second one but I am not sure how much I am going to like it. Don’t want to spoil anything but one of the main characters dies at the end and I am not sure how the dynamic of the second book will be without them. However the title, ‘Dead Man Rising’, gives me some hope.

I am now tied between who my favorite urban fantasy couple are. I love Jaz and Vayl from Jennifer Rardins’ Jaz Parks series, but I am now also in love with Dante and Jaf from the Lilith Saintcrow books….not to mention Harry and Murphy from The Dresden Files, who knows if they two will ever get together?

Jaz and Vayl are good for the anticipation since they haven’t really started anything yet, Jaf and Dante are a much more tragic couple. Which I also adore.

I’m just a soppy romantic at heart. I better get happy ending for all couples at the end of the series. If not, I’ll cry. *pout*

    • Qouda
    • February 28th, 2008

    Hope the interview goes the way you want it to.


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