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I am here. I am alive.

I’m just having fun, working, getting to know my new workmates and reading my ass off. Seriously I haven’t turned a TV on in two weeks and I have discovered the e-book.

I want an iLiad. I know, not another gadget.

But it means I can get rid of all the books I have kept because I might want to read them again, (Though in all probability won’t.) It means my collection will remain intact and I shall have space, blessed space. The digital age is a great thing for us hoarders.

I’ll still keep my most favs that I can’t bear to be without. My Terry Pratchett’s, Meljean Brook, Jim Butcher and Jennifer Rardin. The rest can go.


Cowboys And Angels

So the time has come for me to gush and wax lyrical about my new literary crush.

I have just finished Meljean Brook’s fantabulous Demon Night.

I’m almost beyond words. I can’t seem to find the right combination to tell you all intelligently, how well written, tightly plotted and heartwarming this book is because all I want to do is go:-


I feel like a teenager again, unable to communicate with anyone and forced into just squealing random adjectives in a high giggly voice.


But I will stomp on that teenager and tell her to sit quiet while I try to explain in rational terms, why I loved this book so much.

It is classed as a Paranormal Romance, but basically it’s Urban Fantasy with a little more focus on the romantic aspects of the main characters relationship. There is still plenty of action and mystery to quench even the hardiest of readers.

Charlie Newcombe is a recovering addict. Drink, drugs and an ex-con to boot, she has done it all. An aspiring opera singer who had her voice stolen from her in a druken car wreck, she now is struggling to live her life without her crutches of the past.

Ethan McCabe is a ‘Guardian’. A cowboy outlaw who is atoning for his past sins by protecting humans from whatever they need protecting from. Right now that’s Charlie, who faces a danger she is not aware of.

Vampires have been sent to ‘turn’ Charlie, in a bid to force her sister, Jane (a brilliant scientist.), to help a cadre of demons find a scietific breakthrough which could bring about a chilling prophecy.

That’s about it. I’m not a great one for giving descriptions, they always sound to melodramatic and really fucking lame. Suffice to say, the book centers around Charlie and Ethan and how they deal with the threat looming and each other.

What I love about this book.

Ethan. He’s a cowboy (with a drawl) and an angel (kind of.) What more could you want. He’s hot, sexy and did I mention HAWT! When I picture him in my mind’s eye I see a cross between Nathan Fillon and Jensen Ackles. But much bigger. Ethan is 6’6″.He is also is charming and self-deprecating and still a little bit parochial about some things (but defintely not about others.) His voice in the book is really distinctive and Meljean hits his cadence and timbre perfect every time. It never jarrs or seems out of place in a modern setting.

Charlie. Charlie is not you typical heroine. She isn’t kick-ass (which a lot of then are nowadays, it’s the fashion but it has to be done well, re: Jennifer Rardin.), but she isn’t a complete emotional wreck either. She is needy but recognises it and takes steps to prevent or lessen that trait. She isn’t whiny and she is living her life her way, with no apologies and no excuses.

There are no ‘fake’ or ‘overly manufactured’ reasons why they don’t get together. Reasons are plausible and talked about. There are no tragic misunderstandings, melodramtic uncoverings of deceit etc and when there is no reason for them not to be together they actually get it on…more than once. Oh yes. It’s not really a worksafe book. Not unless you want to spend the whole day frustrated, that is.

We get a ‘Happy Ever After’. I’m not sure when that became a dirty word for authors but when I invest my time in a book, I want a friggin’ happy ending. I want it to have been for a reason. I don’t care if it’s not real life, cause I ain’t reading about real life. I want them to beat the big bad and live happily ever after, having lots of hot sex and even babies if they want them.

What I don’t like about this book.

Erm, nothing.

Anyways, there you go.

My top ten list of literary boyfriends just got a new entry right in at No.1

1. Ethan McCabe (Demon Night)

2. Vayl (Jaz Parks Series)

3. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files)

4. Japhrimel (Dante Valentine Series)

5. Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)

6. Rohan (Dragon Star Series)

7. John Taylor (Nightside Series)

8. Lan (Wheel Of Time)

9. Perrin (Wheel Of Time)

10.Felix Castor (Mike Carey)

I’m a fucking dork.


It’s been a really great week.

I am loving my new job and I am throughly exhausted. I am sleeping better and feeling much more energetic.

However, all my wee projects I used to fill my time with are falling by the wayside. I haven’t watched any TV in a week. I haven’t picked up a knitting needle (even though my mum’s birthday came and went…bad me.)

However, I finally got my bedroom sorted, getting my shelves up and unpacking the last of the boxes in the cupboard, sorting what books I am going to keep and which I am going to sell. I have been really ruthless with myself and I am quite proud. I finally feel like I have moved in and unpacked all my shit. Only a year after the fact. Who says I can’t procrastinate? 🙂

Snoopy Dance

I got the job! *doing  little snoopy dance in celebration*

I won’t be able to spend as much time watching tv, reading or knitting but hey, I’ll be able to pay the bills this month! Woot!



I am seriously pissed off at the moment.

I really feel ripped off at this moment in time.

I have been wanting to knit this ‘Baby Surprise Jacket’ for ages, ever since I saw the pattern. It is knit in one whole piece and sewn along two seams and viola! Jacket.












See, it’s so pretty and really quite unusal. The pattern is over forty years old and was designed by knitting guru Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I found out you could buy a pattern over the web and what with postage cause it had to be sent from USA (why they couldn’t have downloadable pdf’s) it cost me £5.00. Pretty expensive for a frickin’ pattern.

Then I open it and it’s not so much a pattern but a spattering of loose instructions. ARGHHHH! Just general comments, like ‘AT 5 ridges, inc 9 stitches (K3, M1) across end sections,’. WTF? What so is that (K3, M1) all on the same row 4 on one side, five on the other or is that (K3, M1) across the end over the next 4 rows?

I’m totally fucking bamboozled already and I’m not even past the fourth row.

When I pay money for a pattern I excpect a pattern, not just the scribbles that the designer wrote down when she originally designed it. And because it’s 40 years old, I have no doubt I’m not the first person to have this problem. So I have to ask, does she excpect everyone to dechiper her scribblings. Is it knitting snobbery? Only designing for people who have the knitting chops to decode the secret expert knitters language she has used. Why, oh why hasn’t a comprehensive pattern been done. A revision of the original so us ordinary peons can use it without being made to feel like a fucking idiot!

Perhaps I should be flattered that it is expected that I can decipher this but I feel I have just paid money for something I can’t use. Not without going to Ravelry and trawling through many of the posts there about this very subject, or finding a podcast kint-a-long and take pointers from someone who has already had to decipher this fucking mess of instructions.

[/rant ]