Come to mama!

It might be because it’s Friday. It could be because I’m basically a horndog. I might even blame it on my hormones but since I found these pictures on the net (I was doing a search to see if I could find someone who matched up to my image of John Matthew from The BDB series) I haven’t been able to stop picturing…..erm ok, enough of that.

The sexiest shot there? The last one. What is it about a man’s spine and ass crack that makes me drool? I fear there is no hope for me. Whenever I read the BDB books again, this is gonna be the face of Post-trans JM for me.

I’m off to read Lover Enshrined again.

(For those of you interested his real name is Rafel Verga and he’s a Brazilian model. He isn’t afraid to get his bits out either. Do a google search and see.)

  1. Oh my. He is VERY pretty.

    Welcome to the sisterhood of BDB addicts. I’ve joined the message boards over on JR Ward’s site and there are lots of threads with photos of lovely, lovely, potential Brothers.

    This is my pick for JM. (hope that HTML works, apologies in advance if it’s a mess….

    • Sayuri_x
    • July 4th, 2008

    Oh yes,

    He is very nice, I think he shall be my Blay. I can totally see him with red hair.

    I did register over at the BDB booards a while back but I find it too frenetic and busy to really particpate. I’m a lurker over there.

  2. Seriously cute!

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