I am therefore I glom

I’m a collector. I keep everything. I hoard and glom like I’m made of glue. I like a song, I download the album, I like the album the whole back-cat of that artist is next. It’s the same with films and books. Like an actor, every film he’s ever been in is purchased. Like a book, the whole back-cat of the author is bought. That’s why the electronic age is a godsend for me. I have my whole music collection on one iPod. My film and TV collection is sitting on 3 hard drives. Finally my books are going electronic too. I can tell you, it is better than the 18 or so boxes I used to have to cart from house to house when I moved a lot.

So I am waiting on my ebook reader coming and I have slowly been changing over to e-books. I usually download .pdf format and it’s working for me.

I still like an actual book for some things though. Books I love beyond all reason and sanity. I’ll be keeping my BDB books (and all my Jessica Bird stuff too. What can I say? I *heart* her.) and my Harry Dresden books and my Meljean Brook’s and Kresley Cole’s and Judith McNaughts ‘Paradise’ but everything else is going and being replaced by e-books.

So I could be really charitable and give all my books away but I have to buy everything on a new format now. So where is the best place to get rid of books? Ebay? Amazon?

And where is the best place to buy e-books? I usually buy from Books On Board. They are always the cheapest and they usually have everything I want in the format I want. But am I missing some great site?

I need recommendations. Help me.

  1. I buy ebooks at fictionwise–they have most formats. What e-reader are you getting? Mine died and I need a new one but I can’t afford Kindle prices.


    • Sayuri_x
    • July 6th, 2008

    I won’t buy a kindle because I hate being forced to only buy one format from one place.

    I’m getting a Bookeen Cybook. It handles most formats and it’s lightweight enough. It doesn’t do anything fancy like the Iliad or the Kindle but I only want it to read books. I got it for £260 off t’internet.

  2. I am sooo going to look for that. Husband and I share the e-reader and he wants pdf to read computer books. For me, mobipocket or palm is fine.

  3. I buy at fictionwise also, and have a list of books I like here.


    I also go through this persons library list as she always has good ideas.


  4. Oh, you’re getting a Bookeen? I’ve had my eye on that one for awhile, but I have yet to meet someone who has one. Will you let me know what you think of it when you get it?

    I buy almost all of my e-books from BoB and if I can’t find them there I buy direct from the publisher. I check eBookwise and Fictionwise every now and then, but they aren’t the first place I go.

  5. OMG I think we might be soul mates I do the same crap with books, movies, music and what not (even with TV shows werid yes)
    As far as ebooks I’m still looking for one but I usually buy (the few I do have) from Loose ID (mainly M/M) or fictionwise.

    • Sayuri_x
    • July 21st, 2008

    Holly – It should be arriving tomorrow so once I have had a play around with it, I will post a wee review. I’m so excited it’s not even funny. I love getting new gadgets.

    Sarai – Glomming TV shows is not wierd at all. If ever a format was made for hysterically hoarding it’s TV shows. I have waaaaay to many shows I love and MUST have.

    I have been over to Loose Id and I do like thier range. A LOT. *grin* I have been buying some from All ROmance e-books as well. I’m not really loyal when it comes to e-book sellers tho. Cheapest always wins in my book!

  6. I’ll look it up but I’m pretty sure that one of the sights is buy 10 get one free. JenB would know better she does it all the time. Might be allromance I know it’s not Loosed ID b/c they haven’t given me any free crap.

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