So I got a hold of Book 1 of Lora Leigh’s ‘Nauti Boys’ trilogy and really enjoyed it. So I went looking for the second book, couldn’t find it through my usual nefarious channels so went to Books On Board, found it, put in my basket and went to checkout only then to look at the price and was gobsmacked.


$12 for a frickin’ e-book? Hello? Overpriced much? I may want to read it, but not that badly. I think we may have it at work so I might just bookloan it.

Hello greedy publishers, looks like you just lost a sale. Idiots! I mean, I’d be hard pressed to spend that much on a proper book, but an e-book? Not likely!

  1. I didn’t care for the first one but LOVED the second. Agree with you. I only paid 11.20 for the second in trade paperback YIKES. I can’t wait for book 3 and then she is doing a spin off OMG I love this series.

  2. Yikes. I have major issues with the price of eBooks lately. It’s frustrating, especially when they cost more than print but print isn’t immediately available. Jerks.

  3. Good book, good luck getting it. Third is good too.

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