Chart Madness

I have just been over to eHarlequin to have a look at next months titles and I look over at the Top Ten bestsellers because they are always so good for a laugh and what do I see? The infamous ‘Lie With Me’ is No.2 on the chart.


Do people not know how bad this is? Obviously the seriously misleading blurb and hot cover are working for it but I would bet my house on the fact that there are a LOT of unsatisfied customers. I don’t really want to start a campaign or anything (much), I just hate the thought of people being bilked out of hard-earned cash for this.

The mind boggles. Obviously this author has her following and must sell well but I can only conclude that there must be a lot of brain-dead zombies buying Blaze titles nowadays*.

* Apologies to fans and this author but man, this book just sucks. But that’s only my opinion.
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