Cowboys…and more

I was updating my goodreads profile and I realised I had racked up 47 books read this month. Holy Shit! I mean most of them are categories but I noticed a theme this month as well. Usually the majority of my reading material is paranormal romance/urban fantasy with a sprinkling of contemporary romance but this month has been the month of the cowboy!

It started when Jen B pointed me over to All Romance E-Books. I went over looking and saw this book advertised called ‘Long Hard Ride.’ I know, subtle huh? I’d just been introduced to the fabulousness of the m/m romance by the ladies over at DIK and this had a bit of everything in it. So I bought it. Started reading it at something ridiculous like 11pm at night and finished it at about 4am. Yep, I couldn’t stop reading.

Of course, I had to go back and glom the rest and the series just got better with each successive book.

The books center around ranching dynasty the McKay family and all thier assorted cousins and relatives. I’m not going in depth cause I am rubbish at that kinda thing but although there are main couples in every book there are great b-plots in each book that twist and turn and are deftly woven into a-plots in the next book etc. Kinda like the BDB for cowboys. (but with a lot more consistency.) And damn, but these cowboys are hot.

So that got me started.

Then came Luann McLane. I saw a review on Book Binge that I liked for her newest title ‘A Little Less Conversation’. I coudn’t get that one so I went back and glommed a couple of her other older titles and just fell in love. Although they are all written in the first person from the heroines pov (which I fouind a little disctracting at first, cause I love to see a male perspective in my romances) they are just so much fun and really sweet. And she has the best titles. I read ‘Trick My Truck, but don’t mess with my heart’ and ‘Dancing Shoes and Honky-Tonk blues.’ I have more of her books to read but they are part of a series and I am waiting on the first one coming. I hate to read out of order.

Next up was author Cara North. I found her on Goodreads. Her books were mentioned on a ‘Best Book Title’ poll. They are also part of a series called the ‘Country Music Collection’. I assume it’s because the book titles are country music song titles or something? The first is called ‘Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off’ and the next was ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.’ How great are those names? Anyway these books are again about a ranching family. They were fun and sexy. I liked the second better than the first. Much more angst and romance than the first. I am waiting on Book No. 3 with baited breath.

This month was also the month of the m/m romance. I bought books from Evangeline Anderson, G.A. Hauser and J.L. Langley plus Josh Lanyon. The Assignment from Evangeline Anderson blew my mind it was soo good. J.L. Langley does a series about gay cowboys. My two new favorite things. Just finished ‘Tin Star’ and loved it. I am now going to have to glom her entire back-cat!

However as I went a little mental buying e-books this month I am NOT buying anymore new ones until I have made inroads into the TBR pile. I means seriously. I caved and bought Lora Leighs ‘Nauti Nights’. ($12 was the cheapest I could find it!) I bought two new books of a paranormal series by Sydney Croft, ‘Riding The Storm’ & ‘Unleashing the Storm’. The newest title is out soon as well. I got Larrisa Ione’s ‘SnowBound’ just for the beautiful abs on the cover (I know, pervert!). I bought Nalini Singhs back-cat of category novels, plus I still have Jenna Petersen to read along with Julia Quinn (I am trying my hand at a historical!) plus all the Sookie Stackhouse and Outlander series to catch up on! Mamma Mia!

SO no new books…..except for new book in existing series…..honest!

  1. I seriously need to read those Lorelei James books. Ack. I have too many books.

    Did you buy the Sydney Croft book in e-book? I want that one! Where’d you get it?

    I have Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots by Luanne McLane on my TBR shelf at home, along with 180 other books. *sigh*

    You’ll love everything J. L. Langley writes. I promise. She’s amazing.

    And yes, the Cara North titles are country song titles. 🙂

    • Sayuri_x
    • July 30th, 2008


    Yep I bought the first two Sydney Croft in e-book. Been a little distracted with J.L. Langley to get to them yet. You are right though, I am loving EVRYTHING. I am reading the with/without series at the moment. Off the chart. I have a few wee niggles but nothing major. I’m thinking I should start something non paranormal, non m/m after this tho. I don’t want to burn myself out. I’m thinking about reading the first Stephanie Plum book. I have had it sitting for ages.

    I just found out that Lorelei James writes mystery also under another name and damn but they look good as well. But I am drawing the line. No new books …YET

    Dark Roots is the Luann McLane book I’m waiting for.

  2. Hey you two! I need to do some serious hard core reading in order to catch up. I am still complaining that if I just had an e-reader this would go faster but NO… Luck. I’ll have to check out some of thiese titles.

  3. Oh PS LOVED Me some Dawg have you read his story yet in Nauti Nights?

    • Sayuri_x
    • July 31st, 2008

    No, after drooling after it for days I haven’t read it yet. i got sidetracked by gay cowboys and werewolves.

    I’m reading ‘Sea Swept’ by grande Dame Roberts just now but Nauti Nights is next on the list. Probably tomorrow.

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