Breaking records.

So today was Breaking Dawn release day in the UK.

I’ll admit I was being a little ‘bahhh humbug’ about the whole thing as I haven’t finished the series and didn’t particularly like it. We were told we had to have a ‘Breaking Dawn’ party with games and shit and I was like ‘ Man, it’s teenage girls, they are so not going to be into that.’

I was proven wrong. We had a line of people at the door this morning looking like something out of ‘Sean Of The Dead’ all jostling and pushing to get in and get their copy.

We completely sold out today. All 108 copies. Every. Last. One. I’m really surprised. I hadn’t thought the fever had travelled this well to the UK. It was better than the Last Harry Potter for us. Go figure.

And we had loads of people turn up to the party.

Pure Dead Brilliant.

  1. I’m so glad I don’t work in a bookstore anymore. I worked in a Christian bookstore at the height of Left Behind madness. Never again.

    And teenage girls? No, thank you. Yikes.

    • Sayuri_x
    • August 5th, 2008


    I know, I’m one of the least maternal people I know and I run the kids dept. How fucked up is that!

  2. Eww, the kids department. I still have nightmares about Veggie Tales.

    I’ve thought about applying for a PT job at Borders, but I’d probably end up paying them back all my wages in book purchases!

  3. Yeah did that won’t ever let it happen again. Worked at Waldenbooks luckly I could check out books for 2 weeks if I didn’t want to buy them that worked out REAL Well and then we got ARCS but I highly doubt they do that anymore!

    Oh and the kids department sucked it was punishment for us to have to work it. If we were late we got kids department, if we didn’t show up the next day kids department ect… SUCKED. so feel for you b/c it is a lot bigger now then it was when I worked there!

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