RWA or bust

So the mighty RWA conference is over for another year and my insane jealously over not being there and getting loads of free signed books has faded. But only slightly.

But it led me to wondering. As much as I would love to attend a RWA conference it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon, so is there a UK equivalent?



Probably not. Just my luck.

Maybe if I start saving now I could afford to go to the 2030 one.

  1. OHHHH come with me next year to DC it will be fun and if you plan a year in advance the tickets will be cheap yeah?? Maybe???

    • Sayuri_x
    • August 5th, 2008

    Seriously!…Do Not Tempt me!

    If I get myself a better paying job by Christmas you are on!

  2. Deal b/c I’m in the same spot. LOL!!!

  3. Same here.

    Though Lisabea did say she’ll buy the first round of drinks…because she wants to see me drunk.

  4. uh… I don’t think the books are free, LOL.

    • Sayuri_x
    • August 7th, 2008

    Yep, they are at the signings…Ciara got a heap that were all free.

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