I’m looking at the top of my TBR pile. I have too many choices. Not a bad thing, I hear you say, but it is. I can’t decide what to read next! Arghhhhh!

I need some help.

Should I start….

1. Loyalty In Death by J.D. Robb – This is the next Eve and Roarke adventure for me. I am slowly wading through the back-catalogue of a bazillion books in this series. It’s taking ages though. Thankfully these books can be read as stand-alones and don’t really rely on any kind of reading continuity. But I am nothing if not ocd about reading a series in order.

2. The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn – I blame Sarai for starting me on historicals. Like I haven’t got enough to read without adding a whole new sub-genre to the melting pot. I read The Duke And I and friggin’ loved it. I was crying and everything. It wasn’t pretty. This is the second of the Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn. It’s Anthony’s story.

3. The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason – This combines two of my fav genres in Romance. First it’s a paranormal, second it’s a historical (my new favourite kid on the block.) It’s basically Buffy in ‘Olden Times’. Genius. Why hasn’t anyone come up with a historical paranormal before this? And there’s a triangle/quadrangle in there too. Ahh, food for the soul a good love triangle is.

4. Catch Of The Day – By Kristan Higgins. Kristan won the Rita this year with ‘Just One Of The Guys.’ This is an earlier book which had me at the mention of ‘love’ and’ priest’ in the same blurb. I’m in. I love divesting a man of his dog collar!

5. Sins Of The Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I read the first five or six of the Dark-hunter series in quick succession but by this book I kinda lost the will to live. For me a series seems to have a natural run of around six or seven books, after that I struggle big-time. But with Acheron coming out it whet my appetite again so I picked it up after a six or seven month hiatus and got completely lost straight away. I think to enjoy this I may have to go back and read the last few preceeding this, but the thought of re-reading something right now when I have to much to read just does not appeal. Is it worth it?

6. Dark Roots And Cowboy Boots by Luann McLane. It’s a gun, cotton candy read. Nothing to serious or soul searching. I loved all this authors other books but I feel kinda all puffed out when it comes to contemporary romances at the moment. The only thing saving it from going further down the reading list is the cowboy factor. Yep, I love me a cowboy.

7. The Mammoth Boook Of Vampire Romance. This is an anthology packed to the brim with well known authors. There are vingettes from Lillith Saintcrow, Shiloh Walker, Colleen Gleason, Amanda Ashley, Kimberley Raye, Jenna Black, Karen Chance and Susan Sizemore. The reason I bought it is for the short story by Keri Arthur. It’s a Riley Jensen story from the POV of Quinn. Rawr. I had to have it. I have already read the Keri Arthur story, how about the rest?

8. Jacob by Jacqueline Frank – I have been promising my friend I would read this forever! And JF seemed really cool on DIK.

9. The Hell You Say by Josh Lanyon. I want to read this so bad but at the same time I can’t because I know this is where it all falls apart for Adrien and Jake. I don’t want a sad ending. I want a happy ending.

10. Anything Nora Roberts. I have been on a Nora jag recently. Just finished the Chesapeake Bay quartet and loved it.

Help. Tell me what to read or give me more recommendations!! I’m serious. Note the use of double exclamations!! *g*

  1. With Death of a Pirate King coming out I would finish JL I understand where you are coming from b/c I didn’t want to read it either knowing what was coming but DAMN It so worth it.
    Then after that: Do the vampire romance b/c who doesn’t love some vampires and romance
    Oh and then the cowboys and then Jacob (Liked it but only b/c of one character whose book isn’t coming out for another month)
    Then go back to Sins of the Night b/c I have to read that one next and hey we should all share at that point. Other than that no idea maybe the historical (I’ve never read past the Duke and I no idea why that is? Maybe I should look into this one.) Welcome to the club. Oh and tomorrow I will post on TV shows so if you think I’m bad about pimping books you should see what I watch LOL!!!

    • Sayuri_x
    • August 13th, 2008

    I have a feeling we will watch the same kinda stuff! *g*

  2. Oh, where shall I start? You and I live on separate ends of the literary spectrum today. LOL

    -I thought the H&H in The Duke and I were both TSTL. The first 2/3 of the book was fantastic, but the last 1/3 made me so mad.

    -You like love triangles? Ugh, they make me crazy!

    -I quit reading the DH series after Seize the Night, and I have no plans to go back. Everybody keeps telling me to quit while I’m ahead.

    -Re: Dark Roots – I tried starting this Monday night, but quit after 3 pages because I couldn’t handle the 1st person present tense. 1st person past tense is fine, but present? EEEK!!

    -I’m not a Lanyon fan.

    So that leaves either Catch of the Day (which is also on my shelf) or Jacob (also on my shelf…lol).

    What about Pleasure Unbound? That book rocks my socks off.

    • Sayuri_x
    • August 14th, 2008

    Rebuttal re: Jen *g*

    I find most H/H TSTL in Historicals so I just go with the flow. Otherwise I’d go mental.

    Triangles are awesome. What’s not to like? Conflict. Check. Sexual Tension. Check. Awesome. Check.

    Yeah, I want to quit DH but ..Acheron. And I can’t just pick up Acheron and read it. My brain won’t allow it. There is an order, they must be read in that order.

    All McLanes books are written like that, I think, I found it weird to begin with but I don’t mind anymore.

    I have read other Lanyon stuff and I’m not a fan of that but I am a rabid fangirl of Adrien. I love him. I think I could turn him. Honest. Jake is a bitch but I love him too. I’m thinking manwich.

  3. I read Long Hard Ride yesterday (3 stars). So guess what book you have to start now? 😛

    • Sayuri_x
    • August 15th, 2008

    LMAO! Ok, I started it last night actually.

    But only three stars? I can guess what dragged that score down. It was the whole ‘Colby going mental and ‘punishing’ Channing for reaming him out it public’, huh?

    I have to admit that that portion did kinds jolt me out the story as it seemed a tad excessive. And it felt like the resulting scene was shoe-horned in to fit ‘erotica’ criteria. But I loved it anyways.

  4. Punishment doesn’t bother me. 😉 That part was annoying, but it wasn’t just for the caveman act. That part bugged me because it felt so contrived, like bad acting.

    I dunno…a lot of my problem was the stupid cowboy stereotypes, the horrible Aussie accent, the horrible cowboy accents, the “rebellious goody-goody”, etc. Maybe there were just too many romance novel cliches crammed into one book? It was just a bit much.

    I wouldn’t rule out the rest of the series though. I *loved* Colby.

  5. Reading Jacob now. Not crazy about it so far, FWIW.

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