Gentlemen, please

Julia Quinn is awesome.

I’m not sure how she does it but I have fallen more and more in love with each successive hero she has written in her Bridgerton series. I loved Simon in the Duke And I. The came Anthony in The Viscount Who Loved me and although I wanted to hit him over the head and tell him to stop being so silly I still swooned. Then came Benedict in An Offer From A Gentleman. WOWZA! That’s all I’m saying. But I thought there’s no way she can better Colin in Romancing Mr Bridgerton. He was funny and sweet and witty but had a great temper as well (which only showcased his passion.) And he loved his heroine to distraction.

So when I started To Sir Phillip With Love, my expectations weren’t that high. I thought no-one could beat Colin. But Phillip has come along and fairly booted him right out the picture. He quiet and brooding but with a great smile. Gets tongue-tied and flustered and just wants to love his kids the best way he can. He has another fantastic temper. (I like controlled rage in a hero!) He works with his hands and gets all dirty and I’m only halfway through the book. There is no way Julia Quinn can better this man. No way!

I’m so glad I put the rest of her back-cat on my Ban On Spending reading List.

  1. Isn’t it wonderful? I do love her books. The Viscount Who Loved Me was one of my favorite from Julia Quinn. 😀

  2. I love Julia Quinn!

    Now that you’ve succumbed to the historical side, you’ll want to try Loretta Chase and Stephanie Laurens and Mary Balogh and OH, for sure Mary Jo Putney’s Fallen Angel books, and if you want something a little paranormal, try Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz’s Arcane Society ones (they alternate with present-day). Then there’s Laura Kinsale and Christina Dodd and Jane Feather and I bet you’d like Lynne Kurland’s medival/time-travel ones….

  3. I didn’t care much for The Duke and I, but I haven’t given up on JQ. I have a copy of Splendid here on my shelf, and I hear it’s a really fun book.

    My favorite historical author is Jillian Hunter. Her Boscastle books are funny, hot, and sweet. Very cute series. And Indiscretion (a Victorian stand-alone) is fabulous too.

    My new mission is to get you to read Jillian Hunter.

    • Sayuri_x
    • August 27th, 2008


    I had a look at work and we have loads of Jillian Hunter so I may just pick some up, but it will be after Christmas. No more buying of books (unless they’re on ma list!) And I’m still knee-deep in CHERUB novels and loving it.

  4. If it doesn’t totally freak you out to read a series out of order, start with Wedding Night of an English Rogue. Or try Indiscretion. It stands alone. 🙂

    Jillian Hunter is Welsh. Er…Welsh American, I guess. She lives here now.

    I’m planning to try another Julia Quinn novel soon. Splendid. Have you read that one?

  5. Mmm…I love Julia Quinn. I actually just started reading her about a month ago. I know! Shocks me too! 🙂

    Bought Hostage to Pleasure and Wanderlust. I have no impulse control…at all. 🙂

    • Sayuri_x
    • August 31st, 2008

    I’m sooo jealous.

    I want HOSTAGE TO PLEASURE like yesterday…….and Wanderlust. Damn the international shipping.

    • Ana
    • September 4th, 2008

    LOL I hear you on the Julia Quinn love! You think she can’t outdo Philip? LOL, just wait until you read Michael or Jack from The Lost Duke of Whydham.

  6. I’m not a huge Bridgerton fan but my fave hero was DEFINITELY in the next book – Francesca’s book (Michael). Definitely.

    • Sayuri_x
    • September 17th, 2008

    Actually Micheal was waaaaaay hot. I just finished that one. I haven’t started Hyacinth’s book yet but had a sneak peek at Gareth’s and I think she may have saved the best for last. For me anyways.

    I have to face it, I’m a Quinn Hero Ho! I love them all…..*sigh*

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