Sloth Watch Day 2

I am finding being a lazy bum quite difficult.Yesterday after finishing ‘Minx’ I finally settled on Linda Howard’s ‘Mr. Perfect.’ That decision took me about an hour. I got to about chapter nine but then I had to put it down. By this time it was about 5pm. I just couldn’t read anymore.

So much for my  lifelong dream of winning the lottery, going to the bookstore (and Amazon), buying every book I can get my hands on and living in luxury, reading for the rest of my life. I couldn’t even manage 48 hours.

So in keeping with my slothful goals for the day, I rolled over, sat on the edge of my bed and surfed the net for the next few hours. I even started a new blog over on Blogger. My brilliant idea was to do a books only blog over there. Original, huh? I’m a sheep but they have so many cool widgets. Not like the stuffy old folk over here at wordpress.

So although I was whiling away my time doing something frivolous, I wasn’t reading. Pah!

Still I have all day today to finished Mr Perfect and The Lost Duke Of Wyndham and Virgin River. Three books in one day? I doubt it’s gonna happen, especially since I have decided to get off my lazy ass and do some laundry and go food shopping. Maybe even buy a new bra today.

Enforced inactivity just isn’t my thing I suppose. Still at least I had one day of it.

  1. Oh, you were such an inspiration! I’m crushed. How could you give in and become productive like that. Bra shopping can be very stressful, you know. I totally need to read Mr. Perfect.

    • Sayuri_x
    • October 5th, 2008

    Hey CJ,

    I know I’m such a failure. I can’t even do nothing well! *g*

    I didn’t go bra shopping in the end. (I’ll do it later in the wek.) I cleaned the toilet instead! I think I may be ill or aliens have taken over my brainwaves without my knowledge. I never willingly clean the toilet when there are books to be read.

  2. How’d you like Mr. Perfect? I don’t remember loving it, but I did like it quite a bit. Hot cop + hot cars = win.

  3. I f*cking loved it!

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