Lazy Bitch

I have come to the conclusion that I am just a lazy bitch.

Even though I failed in my Sloth quest I am still a lazy bitch.

I am sitting at my computer and I am FREEZING cause the window is open and it feels like 40 below freakin’ zero and I just can’t be bothered to close it. I mean, my fingers are turning blue it’s so cold. Lazy Bitch.

I made up a new blog for all my bookish ramblings and I have a gutful to talk about and I’m here rambling about being…you guessed it. A lazy bitch. Cause it’s easy and takes no real effort.

It might also have to do with the fact that I got about 3 hrs sleep last night. I had to stay up to finish a book.

I’m making my way around all Romancelandia and reading blogs and I am thinking of comments and then not posting them…why? It would mean typing coherently. Lazy bitch.

You know what, I would get it put on my gravestone but I really can’t be bothered. Lazy Bitch.

  1. Hey Lazy Bitch I hear ya LOL I couldn’t be bothered to do the dirty clothes for like 3 weeks instead I just bought new ones LOL that got too expensive. So I hear ya.

  2. Hey! You’re lazy, bitch, but you f*ck so good…

    Um. Oops. Wrong song. 😉

  3. yeah that would be crazy LOL

  4. I’ve had that Buckcherry song stuck in my head ever since I posted the comment.

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