Cornucopia of books

So as I have told everyone who’ll listen. I am out of a job. My beloved bookshop, Borders, closed with the other 45 stores in the UK on 24th Dec. Great Christmas present, huh? There are some great blogs by ‘Borders Insider’ up on and the experience they had in their shop pretty much mirrored ours.

This was the job that I loved so much and put so much time and effort into that I dumped bloglandia for it. Yep, I’m afraid I am one of those fair-weather friends. I was always around, reading blogs etc. I just stopped posting reviews, commenting on blogs and the like.

But I’m back now, jobless and friendless and with no money. As I was saying in my earlier post. I can’t afford to buy books in the volumes I had been. No discount..*sob* …*no pay*.  (Although Fictionwise seem to be making it a much easier decision by seemingly getting rid of the ‘across the board’ micropay rebates they had. What a waste of a membership now!!)

But in among all that confusion and fear and anger at losing a job I loved there was one small silver lining. We gots lots of books verra, verra cheap. And if they were selling them off anyways, I was damn sure gonna get my share.  I squirreled away books for weeks in wee hidey-holes all over the shop and then on the last day, when we closed the doors for the final time, I got to buy all the romance books we had left for  £1.

I finished counting and listing them. I got 632 books for £1. *HI FIVE*

Now a I have some doubles and titles I just wouldn’t read and I’m boxing that up and it’s going to The Edinburgh Cancer Center at the Western General Hospital. To bulk up their patient library, in the waiting areas and in the wards. On the days when I am there, I sometimes have to wait for a couple of hours if the consultant is running behind and I see a lot of the older patients reading etc. I think they’ll get a lot of use out of them.

The rest, well the rest is staying with me….*rubs hands*. My bedroom is like a big book monster has spewed all over it. Books stacked against the wall, books in boxes strewn all over the floor, piles beside the bed.  I almost overwhelmed as I got rid of the majority of my paper books when I switched over to my e-reader, Rafel. (That’s his name, cause he’s my hero..) But it’s really nice to have paper books again.

But look at them…

And that’s only one boxload. I’ve got another 6 boxes there.

Problem is I have a lot of older romance books and I don’t have a clue where to start. A lot of Celeste Bradley, Johanna Lindsay, Nicole Jordan.

My question is, are these old school historical/contemporary authors?

I’m never quite sure what constitutes ‘old school’ in romance, and if I’d like it? You know I’m a modern romance reader, I like my smexxin’ in my books.

So what is ‘old school’? Where is the line drawn? And would a dirty girl like me, enjoy old school romance?

  1. JOHANNA LINDSEY!!! I’m a Johanna Lindsey fangirl. Her older books and her Westerns are a lot hotter (and better) than most of her Malory books, but they’re all good.

    I think Nicole Jordan’s books are supposed to be pretty hot too, but I haven’t read them yet.

    Sorry about the job news, but congrats on having a huge pile of books to soothe the pain. 🙂

      • Sayuri_x
      • January 11th, 2010

      I knew I knew someone who loved Johanna Lindsey. It was you Jen! *hugs*

      So you defintely recommed her, yep… What about Julie Garwood, have you read any of hers?

      Thanks about the job but you’re right a massive pile of books does help soothe the pain. I’ll get another job but I’ll always have the books….

    • Mariana
    • January 11th, 2010

    Sorry to read about your job loss, that’s always scary and stressful. Glad that the books were able to make it better 🙂

    I have about 1000 paperback/hardcover books that I’ve been meaning to give to the rehabilitation center near my house, but I’ve just not made it out there yet. It’s been driving me crazy! I really need to clean up these boxes before I kill myself 🙂

    Julie Garwood rocks! She’s super fun and great characters.

  2. Hey Sayuri..

    Glad you found the silver lining in all that upheaval…
    Love your display and I can see loads of late nights for you…

    Enjoy the reading hon..


    • Sayuri_x
    • January 12th, 2010

    Mariana – thanks for the Garwwod rec, she’s going on my list. Any particular one you love best? I think I got quite a few Garwood.

    EH – HELLO! Because I am not working I have already turned my nights into days. It’s terrible.

    • Mariana
    • January 12th, 2010

    Hey! I particularly love her historicals. My favorites: The Lion’s Lady, Ransom, Prince Charming, Honor’s Splendour, The Secret and Saving Grace. Although, I haven’t read one I haven’t liked.

    Her contemporary stuff is great too… Heartbreaker especially.

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