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Some days I feel exactly like this!

This weeks ‘shit-hot song’.



No Man’s Woman – Sinead O’Connor

I don’t wanna be no man’s woman
It don’t make me happy this mantrolling
Thing that you got for me so I become
No man’s woman

I don’t wanna be no man’s woman
I’ve other work I want to get done
I haven’t travelled this far to become
No man’s woman
No man’s woman

Cuz I’m tired of it
And I’m so scared of it
That I’ll never trust again
Cuz a man can fake you
Take your soul and make you
Miserable in so much pain

My friends think I’m alone but I’ve got secrets
I don’t tell everything about the love I get
I’ve got a lovin’ man but he’s a spirit

He never does me harm never treats me bad
He’d never take away all the love he has
And I’m forgiven oh a million times

I’m never tired of it
And I’m not scared of it
Cuz it doesn’t cause me pain
Like a man can fake you
Take your soul and make you
Never be yourself again

I never wanna be no man’s woman
I only wanna be my own woman
I haven’t travelled this far to become
No man’s woman (x3)



Question. What exactly is mantrolling?

Love this song. Slightly militant but somedays you just need that ‘take no shit’ attitude and this song never fails to put me in that frame of mind!



I have a new job. Kind of.

One of my favourite blogs Parajunkee’s View (even though I tend to lurk there) wanted associate reviewers and on a whim I applied and guess what? Rachel picked me. I think she must have been high or drunk on a really good book that day but I’m not tempting fate by questioning her choice! LOL.

I wanted to get back into reviewing some books but I really don’t have the self-discipline to do it myself so I think having deadlines and ultimately a boss is the way to go for me. I get all the fun of reviewing with none of the hassle or time suck of running a blog! YAY!

Plus, I am hoping that reviewing the e-books for Parajunkee will take me out of this rut of samey-samey I seem to have gotten into with my reading. I used to read so many different genres and I feel that this can be a positive in reviewing as I sometimes don’t have the closed off expectations some readers have of romance and urban fantasy have because they are coming at it from only one way.

So my first review is up. Come over and say Hi. I have a boss to impress now you know.