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Some days I feel exactly like this!

This weeks ‘shit-hot song’.



No Man’s Woman – Sinead O’Connor

I don’t wanna be no man’s woman
It don’t make me happy this mantrolling
Thing that you got for me so I become
No man’s woman

I don’t wanna be no man’s woman
I’ve other work I want to get done
I haven’t travelled this far to become
No man’s woman
No man’s woman

Cuz I’m tired of it
And I’m so scared of it
That I’ll never trust again
Cuz a man can fake you
Take your soul and make you
Miserable in so much pain

My friends think I’m alone but I’ve got secrets
I don’t tell everything about the love I get
I’ve got a lovin’ man but he’s a spirit

He never does me harm never treats me bad
He’d never take away all the love he has
And I’m forgiven oh a million times

I’m never tired of it
And I’m not scared of it
Cuz it doesn’t cause me pain
Like a man can fake you
Take your soul and make you
Never be yourself again

I never wanna be no man’s woman
I only wanna be my own woman
I haven’t travelled this far to become
No man’s woman (x3)



Question. What exactly is mantrolling?

Love this song. Slightly militant but somedays you just need that ‘take no shit’ attitude and this song never fails to put me in that frame of mind!


I want to be Adele when I grow up…

I wish I could sing like this. If I could sing like this I would never do anything else.


I defy anyone not to be touched by this in some way. If not, you have a cold stone for a heart.


Quickie from me today as I have not one but TWO interviews today and the I’m off out to meet up with the old gang. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing all thier stories from the past four weeks.

Two songs for you. Songs that are always on constant rotation on my ipod.

First up the ever constant Thomas Dybdahl….with Damn Heart.

and then the amazing Tina Dico. It was really difficult to choose just one of her songs but I chose this because it could really be the plot from one of my books, ‘He Doesn’t Know.’

Enjoy and let me know what you think…do you like them or hate them?

Showing off my crazy

I have many obsessions hobbies. They come and go, ebb and flow like the tide. Some months I’m knitting like I have to clothe the entire population of Edinburgh in stylish Noro beanies, the next I am watching entirely too much TV. I’m always reading. I go on music binges. I live a life of excess. *g*

But my longest and strongest obsession hobby has been the band, a-ha. What can I say? I love the music, I love the guys, and even after being soured on the fan community by a spiteful minority, most of all I still love the fans. Some of my best friends are a-ha fans. I might not see them every day. I might not talk to them every day or even for months on end, but I know they will always be there when I call, when they’re needed just as I would be for them. I’m lucky. I could travel to almost any country in the world and have a bed or floor I could kip on for the night.

Some of my most fond memories, memories that I’ll still remember in my dotage are what I class as ‘a-ha’ memories. Travelling to New York on my own to see them play the Irving Plaza. Queuing all day long in heat, in rain, in snow. Running a German assault course to get front row at an arena gig. Playing ‘Private Eye’ and tailing the tour bus only to lose them at 3 in the morning, on a deserted stretch on motorway. I suck at tailing people. Going to the Wembley Crowne Plaza to discover it’s infested with fleas. The running joke that I watch every concert through a camera lens (I have around 200 pictures per concert. With nearly 40 concerts attended that’s a lot of piccies.) The excitement of finding out the band were using two of my pictures in their ‘Analogue’ tour programme. Four of us, sleeping in my tiny car, at a motorway services ioutside Cardiff, in the middle of winter cause we hadn’t booked a hotel for that night. Going to Oslo for the first time and discovering what a insanely amazing city it is. Working on the website with an amazing bunch of fellow fans, each one a star. And the joy of just hearing the music I love, live. Sharing it with people who have the same connection with it that I do. It’s humbling.

I haven’t really blogged about my boys though since I left the community. I needed some time away. To gain perspective. I still love the music and my peeps.

What set off my wee ramble about my boys? Three years ago we decided as fans to produce a calendar for the fans, made from fans concert piccies. It was a massive success and it was purdy. They did another one last year and it was so successful again that the band have decided to produce one themselves this year. They were asking for submissions on flickr, so I flooded them with all my concert pics and they are going to use some.  YAY.

And it got me to thinking and looking through old photos and I realized something. Two years is too long not to hear ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ live. I think I need a concert. Like yesterday.

See! Stiff nips!

Twenty years on and they’re still pretty.

Hello mama! How’s that for a crotch shot. Heh.

BTW Morten just became a dad again for the fifth time at age 49! Oh yes… Hmmmmmmmmm Morten!

What’s in a name?

I have had some peeps ask me how I got the name to the blog here.

It’s simple really, nothing big. It’s the title of my favourite song by a musican called Thomas Dybdahl.

He’s not pretty but damn, can the man croon. I blogged about him over at Last FM. It was pretty hot. I think I alluded to sex and chocolate, so you know just how far gone I am on this man’s voice. You know when they give that description of the hero’s voice and it lowers an octave and is all deep and sexy and shit? This is the voice that pops into my head.

All you a-ha fans and Norway junkies out there know who he is. For everyone else you can find out all about him here. There is a link to the song entitled ‘Damn Heart’ here. See what all the fuss is about.

How did everyone else come by the name of their blog?


So this meme has been kicking about for ages and I kept meaning to do it but I had to reload my photo-editing software before I could.

My I present…..

A new exciting group – Girl With A Suitcase with thier debut album, People Who Can’t Read.

I think I may actually start a band just so I could release this! We would be a seven piece, acoustic lo-fi band specialising in beautiful, melodic songs that wrench the heart while leaving you with this unknown sense of well-being. 🙂


1. Fight The Dog

2. Strong Man

3. Sleeping & Resting

4. High Enough

5. Honest Effort

6. There Used To Be A Real Me

7. Prepared For Marytrdom

8. Bark Against The Bad

9. Generic Love Song For You

10. Counted Truths

11. Books To The Sky

12. Even For The King



You go to each of the links below and follow the directions shown. Then you paste the picture into a photo program, paste it into Paint (or whatever graphics program you use), then write the text of #1 and #2 below on it.

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Be sure to send me a link if you do your own!


So we got our seating allocation from the pre-sale and we got first row. Oh yes, Steph and I will be front and center at own very own Mange F concert, Morten Harket concert and Savoy concert.

In celebration I was going to blog about how the last time I was front row at a Magne F concert it changed my life because that where I met so many people who have become so ingrained in my life I can’t actually remember when I wasn’t friends with them. How we may not see each other or speak to one another for months or years at a time but when you walk into that concert hall, the smiles and waves and hugs come to you and it’s as if no time has passed at all. Or that I am closer to some of these people and they probably know me better than some of my ‘everyday’ friends because they have seen me in the grip of the mania and they know. They understand cause it belongs to them too. Which make us almost like family.

But all my pictures from that night were taken on a shitty little disposable camera. (I will not make that mistake again.) and didn’t come out.

I am in the process of uploading all my pictures and organising them into some order on Flickr and looking at them and seeing the same old faces set me to reminiscing. 2005-06 was a busy year for us a-ha fans. I went to every concert on UK soil that year. And quite a few abroad as well. I used the excuse that I was working on the a-ha website at the time and had every intention of writing up a tour diary. I did do the first ones but it kinda frazzled.

But I do want to show of some of my fav pics so I might do a little mini-diary and post a daily pic.

Get ready to be bored to tears!

Norway gigs 553
One of the many provocative statues in Vigelands Park in Oslo