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Hurry Up Already. Impatient Fangirl Needs Weekly Fix.

I don’t watch a huge amount of TV or rather, I don’t watch nearly as much TV as I used to.  Most of what I do watch is from America. So I am used to the mid-season hiatus and all that jazz but srsly, is it just me or does it seems to be longer this year?

I am jonesing for my fav shows and it feels like EONS since we’ve had new episodes…and I did a little checking and it’s gonna be even longer yet for a lot of them. Damn. Here are some premier dates for ya!

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There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The eternal cardigan is knitted and blocked and currently being painstakingly sewn together. I am anal when it comes to invisible seams etc when constructing a project and this can take the most time but it is worth it. This is going to be really nice when it’s finished.

I cannot wait to get some pictures up.

In other unrelated news, I was at the hospital during the week to have a couple of moles removed, one from my neck the other on the left side of my nose. Yes, I had what looked like the typical witch wart on my nose. It had changed colour and size (read – gotten friggin’ enormous) so I went and had them both lopped of. I am now obsessed with my nose as it looks really strange without it’s little amigo. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it not being there. Kinda like Chandler’s nubbin. Ah bye-bye dear friend.

I have finished my Lost marathon and moved onto Las Vegas. It has been showing on Sky and I kept catching the last half hour of an episode which is always really annoying. I found myself laughing quite a bit, it really is much more of a comedy than anything else. So, now I am enjoying life at the Montecito. The cast all have great chemistry and the cracks from Danny and Mike are timed to perfection. They make a great double act. I could do without the whole Danny/Mary saga though, she is such a wet friggin’ hen. Get over yourself doll.

Supernatural had a fantastic episode this week, although it wasn’t about zombies like it was advertised. I do not know where that comparison came from. Great reveal at the end and did deliver as a kind of mini-finale just in case they don’t get to produce anymore this season. Ahhh Jensen Ackles how I love thee.






So I got round to watching the season Premiere of Lost and realized I had forgotten everything. To jog the memory, I went back and am watching the first three seasons again.

I know that plenty of people have been hating on Lost, myself included, but I have come to the conclusion that week-to-week episodic viewing of this programme really doesn’t lend itself to the intensity of the story etc. I have been gripped, watching it all, one after the other, and it makes total sense. Also, the answers are starting to appear. Albeit in amongst even more questions.

 So my advice is to watch it in blocks, not week to week. That way you won’t get LOST! (heh)


So I received my Ravelry invite and I have spent a large proportion of my time on there in the last two days. So much, in fact, I haven’t lifted a knitting needle in two days. Irony, huh?

I do love it though. I can see it costing me a fortune in patterns and yarn though. So much for a cheap hobby. I have started on my Striped Noro Scarf. I couldn’t help it. I have been drooling over this since I saw it in BrooklynTweed‘s blog. I had to have one. I have no impulse control.

Other tidbits that have been happening.

After the sterling performance (read – amazing french) from James Marsters in Torchwood, I had to go back and give the series another go. I tried to watch it when it first came out (along with the new Doctor Who) but it just didn’t take. I hated the Welsh accents. They always sound so fake to me. (Sorry all the Welsh peeps.) I also couldn’t see past John Barrowman. I remember him as a children’s presenter and his absolute white teeth used to distract me no end. However, after persevering, watching the first season, I do have to re-evaluate Mr. Barrowman. He does actually have this weird sexual chemistry with almost everyone. His acting can still be a bit broad, a little to theatre for me, but he has managed to eke a compelling character from what could have easily descended into sillyness and screaming campness. I never thought I would say this but Torchwood has just made my ‘must watch’ TV.

If you want to have huge hits on your blog, just give your entry the tags of Wentworth Miller and watch them flood in. Seriously.


So I rushed to the bookshop this morning and got my copy of ‘White Night’ starring everyone’s favourite Chicago wizard Harry Dresden by Jim Butcher. I am so excited, I want to just read it all NOW! But I have a dilemma because I am only halfway through ‘Dead Men’s Boots’, starring everyone’s favourite London exorcist Felix Castor by Mike Carey.

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Take Out The Trash Day

Bullet points of some wee things in my head.

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Saw the first two episodes this week and was pleasantly surprised. I did see the original two-hour pilot and was bored rigid by it, so I am glad to see they improved it ten-fold by cutting it down, making it leaner and tighter. The second episode built on a solid introduction. I love Lena Headey in the title role. I have been a fan of hers from her early, early days. Linda Hamilton left some pretty big shoes to fill and I think she is doing that admirably. No doubt there will be all the Terminator aficionados who disagree. I’ll definitely be tuning in until Fox ruin it somehow.

  • Torchwood.

I finally saw the trailer where John Barrowman frenches James Marsters.

Blew. My. Mind.

I can’t really say anymore than that at the moment.

  • Prison Break

Season Three is definitely the season of LINC! He has really surprised me this season becoming much more than the one-dimensional, mono-syllabic grunt he has always been portrayed as. Who thought I would come round to the idea that Dominic Purcell could act. I still haven’t forgiven him for Blade III but I no longer loathe him. And he has put his pecs away. Finally!

  • Two Pints Of Lager

A guilty pleasure which has returned but without Johnny! I am not sure how it’s going to survive without Johnny Keogh (Ralf Little) but I will watch it until it gives me a reason not too. Which hopefully won’t be anytime soon.

  • One Tree Hill

K-Fed was not as awful as I thought he would be. I wonder if it’s really him singing?

The Eternal Cardigan

So I had a meltdown the other day when I ripped down the side panel and back of my sister’s cardigan. So today I am was determined to sit and make it back up. So I have been sitting knitting like a machine. It’s really boring doing a full adult cardigan in simple stocking stitch. Really boring.

So to help pass the time and stop me from falling asleep, I have been watching the last season of Will & Grace, which I have been meaning to watch for an age. It was a patchy season but it was topped off by a great last episode. I cried. Like a baby.

Anyway, in between episodes, I took some pictures of what I am now calling ‘the eternal cardigan’, in hopes of spurring me on.

eternal cardigan texture eternal cardigan

Project: The Eternal Cardigan