The Eternal Cardigan

So I had a meltdown the other day when I ripped down the side panel and back of my sister’s cardigan. So today I am was determined to sit and make it back up. So I have been sitting knitting like a machine. It’s really boring doing a full adult cardigan in simple stocking stitch. Really boring.

So to help pass the time and stop me from falling asleep, I have been watching the last season of Will & Grace, which I have been meaning to watch for an age. It was a patchy season but it was topped off by a great last episode. I cried. Like a baby.

Anyway, in between episodes, I took some pictures of what I am now calling ‘the eternal cardigan’, in hopes of spurring me on.

eternal cardigan texture eternal cardigan

Project: The Eternal Cardigan


Waku waku suru

Waku waku suru (I’m excited.)

Thanks to some blogsurfing, I finally ended up over at 10 Digits, where I found a little pointer to a site called Ravelry. It’s a new site for knitters etc and it looks friggin’ fantastic. Just what I needed.

A place to share ideas, pick some really experienced knitters brains, garner inspiration and best of all, catalog my ‘stash’ of yarn, my needles etc. It’s a big online database with so much more.

As it’s in beta just now there is an invite system so the site doesn’t get too overloaded. I have over 6000 people in front of me. I signed up last night and there are now around 700 behind me in the list. In 24 hrs. Amazing.

I can’t wait to get my invite. I’m already photographing all my stash.

No Willpower

So I started a new project. Another scarf. I think it will be really nice once I’m done.

scarf texture loop scarf 2

I did start back on my sisters cardigan but had a bit of a meltdown and ended up ripping back a side panel and the back. So all I have left knitted are the sleeves. *sigh*

Never mind. I will get it finished. I have promised myself just to do a little everyday.

If I write it down it’s real.

I like to be creative.

I can’t draw, paint, sing or write. What does that leave me?

I like to knit. Correction. I like knitting, but I much prefer to crochet. I usually have a couple of projects on the go at once. Right now I think I have five. One of them being a wrapover cardigan for my sister which was supposed to be for her christmas and I am nowhere near finishing.

So I am writing it down here.

I. am. going. to. finish. my. sisters. cardigan.

That makes it real in my head. A goal to achieve. I’m not picking up any other project until I finish this frakkin’ cardigan.


One Tree Thrill – Random Thoughts

So I have just finished watching the new episodes of One Tree Hill and I have to say….

The little guy who plays Nathan and Haley’s son is just the CUTEST little thing on the planet EVER! I usually do not wax lyrical about kids on TV because I am still not convinced it is such a great idea but man, is this kid a cutie-patootie.

Even if this season sucks, I’m still gonna be watching it for him.

Jackson Brundage

Other than that it’s business as usual. Nathan is feeling sorry for himself, Haley is playing the long-suffering wife, rather than the long-suffering girlfriend. Brooke has everything and is still unhappy. Mouth is being picked on by his boss rather than his peers, Lucas is pining for Peyton and Peyton is pining for Lucas.

Welcome back One Tree Hill. I missed you.

One Tree Thrill

I don’t watch reality TV at all. Not one bit. I shed myself of my Big Brother addiction years ago and Tyra Banks’ increasingly diva-ish behaviour turned me off America’s Next Top Model. I don’t watch soaps either. Eastenders, River City, Coronation Street and Emmerdale all get the cold shoulder from me. So surely I have no bad viewing habits, right?


My biggest guilty pleasure is One Tree Hill. It is the worst kind of teen soap opera but I LOVE it. It has the best villian. Pouty, brooding boys and spunky women. What’s not to like? Who knew basketball could be so much fun?

The fifth season starts tonight and I am practically giddy at the thought. Woot!

Gag This Man

I like the idea of audiobooks.

It’s like taking multi-tasking to a new level. Work and play combined, or play and play. In an ideal world, you should be able to listen to a book as you do your dishes, or grocery shopping, cramming more into an already hectic world.

But for one thing.

Audiobook publishers insist on using really BAD narrators.

Fantasy books seem to be a particular victim. I recently got Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time on audiobook, thinking I could revisit this series without wading through all 11 books again. It feels like such a chore now….

To my utter dismay have been unable to listen to them because the narrator is terrible. A really thick, clipped, over enunciated Amercian accent. I think he must be reading from an auto-que as there are incomprehensible pauses which alter the pitch and rythym of the reading, making it impossible to follow without cringing. Shouting seems to equal drama, so most of the time I’m adjusting the volume constantly. He lacks any kind of sensitivity or nuance for the material.

In short he seems to be some kind of Brian Blessed wannabe. But without the talent. It really ruined what I thought was going to be a fantastic experience. I’m bitterly disappointed.

So I do some research and find out this guy, Michael Kramer is a respected audiobook narrator who has won awards. WTF??

I thought it might just be the American accent that bothered me, but that doesn’t apply as my favourite audiobooks ever are read by an American. James Marsters. He reads the Dresden novels and if Mr. Kramer has won awards then James Marsters should be winning the friggin’ audiobook Oscars. If you don’t believe me, checkout his work here.

Nothing short of genuis. They are on constant rotation all the time. Which has left me with a backlog of audiobooks to listen to. However, now I’m really afraid to listen to any of them just in case they are as bad as Mr. Kramers.

To make matters worse I see this chump, Michael Kramer has just finished my beloved ‘The Devil You Know,’ by Mike Carey. I shudder to think.

If I was an author, I think I would have a clause in my contract forbidding that man to read any of my work.