Books Listmania 2008

So this year I thought I would try to keep a list of all the books I have read as I seem to have plenty of spare time at the moment.

So far this year, (Yep that’s right, since 01 Jan 2008)

dead beat Jim ButcherDead Beat – Jim Butcher

Book Seven of the Harry Dresden series.

Harry finds himself embroiled with necromancers and all sorts in this book. As usual Jim Butcher manges to deliver a great, faced paced story (even in the introspective moments) with an absolutely bonkers finale that had me laughing, terrified and holding my breath in suspense all at the same time. Great installement of the series even if there is hardly any Murphy.

proven guilty jim butcherProven Guilty – Jim Butcher

Book Eight of The Dresden Files.

Movie monsters coming to life, faerie wars and a mother on the warpath (literally) are just a few of the things Harry Dresden has to cope with in this book. My favourite if only for the heart-wrenching Murphy- Harry scene where they finally discuss thier feelings. Or rather Karrin does and Harry just stands there. Men!

justin gustainis black magic womanBlack Magic Woman – Justin Gustainis

The first of an ongoing series about Quincy Morris Supernatural Investigator and his white witch sidekick, Libby Chastain. I enjoyed this and it weas a quick and easy read. However, after ramping up the suspense so much by making the bad guys seem almost unstoppable, the finale was somewhat anti-climactic with the heroes winning really easily and almost by accident. It left me kinda unsatisfied. Also there was a lot of swearing by most characters, which doesn’t offend me, but seemed completely gratuitous.

mike carey devil you know Devil You Know – Mike Carey

Book One of the Felix Castor series

I loved this book a lot. Well-drawn characters, plenty of mysterious backstory yet to be uncovered and Mike Carey drew a blanket of unease over the whole tale. Better yet there was no gore for the sake of gore, or sadism for sadism’s sake, which I find completely boring and all too prevelant in horror (reason enough not to read or watch it in my book). There were some parts that really creeped me out. I devoured this book in a day and then rushed to the bookshop to buy the next installment. I think I might be a little in love with Felix ‘Fix’ Castor.

Maybe not with Felix Castor but I have kind of fallen in love with this new genre, ‘urban fantasy’ and while the majority of it seems to be really badly written soft porn, there are some real gems in there. The crime novel with a slight fantasy slant seems to be my flavour of the month.

I have read fantasy my whole life and while I have always been an avid reader I never really poked my head into the communities before. Now it seems like there are all these sub-genres of fantasy that I never knew exsisted. Historically, the usual genre of fantasy that I read I think is classed as ‘high fantasy’. You know, medeival world, swords, sorcery, wizards and magic of all types and sizes. You know, Jordan, McCaffrey, Goodkind etc.

I was never into the vampire/werewolves thing which in my mind seem to be more at home in horror than sci-fi/fantasy. But vampires and werewolves (or loup-garou) seem to be common fare in Urban Fantasy and it hasn’t left me throwing down the books in disgust. Who knew, huh?

I wonder how many widely recognised fantasy sub-genres there are?

Still on my to read pile

Vicious Circle – Mike Carey (reading at the moment.)
Dead Man’s Boots – Mike Carey
White Night – Jim Butcher
Furies Of Calderon – Jim Butcher
Killing Floor – Lee Child
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (I KNOW – I HAVEN’T FINISHED IT YET!)
Out – Natsuo Kirino

I have also got around 12 books winging their way to me from Amazon as we speak, but they aren’t going on the list until I have them here in my sticky little fingers


New Year, New Blog

I’ve been away from the blogoshpere and the internet in general for a while now. Something to do with the absolute drubbing I recieved as a member of an online community.

I came away from that battered and bruised and vowing never to put myself out there like that again. Time has passed and I feel renewed and my complusive need to let everyone know what I am doing, thinking and feeling has surfaced again. So I have a new home here at wordpress where my many ramblings can be found. It is really quite classy. I must have grown-up in the interim.

Be it books, knitting, films, crochet or just my usual kind of mind-vomit about TV and celebs, enjoy.